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        AT/BT-cut quartz crystal, featured by good frequency stability under wide temperature range, is the most fundamental component of the oscillator.

        Melting the most advanced semi-conductor technology into precision crystal product technology, all the oscillators, under the condition of charging driednitrogen, are sealed with metal casing and base via resistance welding mode, and have standard pin configurations-DIP14 (full size) and DIP8 (semi size). Wehave various frequency specifications, which can save time and cost for our customers, and ensure good stability and reliability.

        The output frequency of the voltage-controlled crystal oscillator can be shifted or regulated via externally-controlled voltage, similar with the crystal oscillator. VCXO frequency - temperature characteristic depends on the crystal elements it uses.

        By use of electronic (simulation or digital) compensation mode inside the crystal oscillator, the deviation of the output frequency because of temperature variation reduces. TCXO, according to crystal frequency - temperature characteristic, compensates its frequency variation because of the temperature variation by changing load capacity of the crystal.


        Compared with other crystal oscillators, Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) is featured by higher short-term stability and long stability, wide working temperature range, and better phase noise index.


        Ceramic Resonator has a variety of packaging modes; compared with the quartz crystal, it has cost advantages.