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        • 商品名称: TC18B
        • 市场价:

        immediate inquiry

        Specification Model TC18B

        Frequency Range 1.25MHz-40MHz

        Package Size 18.3x11.7x4.3mm

        Product Description
        ●Frequency temperature stability  ±0.5×10-6
        ●Voltage range  ±10×10-6 Max.
        ●High-stability output, wide temperature range                  
        ●TTL/HCMOS output                   
        ●High reliability, ultra-thin, low ageing rate                  
        ●14-stitch packaging                  
        ●Adjustable frequency                  
        ●Applicable to all frequency requirements                  
        ●Lead-free green product 

        Applied Range
        ●Measuring equipment

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