Quartz crystal oscillator knowledge and matters needing attention

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Crystals are classified into passive and active crystals crystals, life, use crystals place not in minority, cheap to call out the name of the function of digital display element, big to a known apple products, crystal vibration is a kind of the use of natural minerals, quartz, cutting device, according to certain azimuth in the circuit, XL or OS to replace the commonly used letters, crystals is generally referred to as the crystal resonator and crystal oscillator, crystal is a kind of frequency components, resonators, oscillators, filters, the most common type of crystal vibration frequency of 32.768 KHZ, crystal vibration unit is:Hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz), megahertz (MHz), the conversion relationship between them is 1MHz = 1000kHz = 1000000Hz.Crystal oscillator in the role of the circuit board, easy to understand that the frequency is not needed to convert to the required frequency.The resonator frequency of the crystal oscillator is related to the cutting mode, geometry and size of the wafer. The higher the frequency of the crystal oscillator, the thinner the chip inside. There are three common wafer shapes: round, square and SMT.Because of crystal vibration cutting method of many important parameters of crystals have a lot of influence, so at the time of replacement can replace crystals, in addition to consider the frequency, load capacitance is the same, whether its cutting methods should be taken into account, can't presume to swap, consulting to suppliers, suppliers usually recommend can be substituted by the crystals, are all can be done, specific can go to the Beijing jing yu xing's official website, be clear at a glance, the related products, can replace each other use product model list, saves the time of asking for purchasing.

Quartz crystal oscillator is relatively stable compared with ceramic crystal oscillator. The main component of quartz is silica. Although only 14% of the crust surface is composed of silica, the usable part is relatively rare, mainly because it cannot meet the required purity requirements and has defects and defects in itself.Quartz crystal oscillators are commonly used in atomic clocks, satellite communications, VCDs, digital instruments, computers, set-top boxes, railway signals, and can also be used as temperature, pressure, weight sensors.It is widely used in military carrier, communication equipment and civil products. The advantages of quartz crystal oscillator are: 1. The stability of quartz crystal oscillator is better than that of ceramic crystal oscillator, and the change is small.

Crystal oscillator is a fragile component. 1. For the storage method of crystal oscillator, first of all, the humidity around it should be considered, anti-extrusion measures should be taken, and the crystal should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the change of other electrical parameters caused by moisture.2, secondly, for the fragile crystal oscillator devices to do a good job of shockproof measures, should not be placed on a higher shelf, in the process of use, it is not suitable to make the crystal oscillator fall, in general, falling from the height of the crystal oscillator should not be used again.3, in the process of crystal vibration soldering, the temperature of the solder should not be too high, the solder time should not be too long, to prevent the crystal internal change, and produce instability.4. When the crystal oscillator housing needs to be grounded, it should be ensured that the housing and pins are not accidentally connected and lead to short circuit.5. Ensure that the solder points of the two pins are not connected, otherwise it will also lead to the vibration stop of the I crystal. 6.7, after soldering, to clean, in order to avoid insulation resistance does not meet the requirements.