What is the difference between series and parallel oscillating crystals?

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This paper mainly describes the specific differences between series oscillating crystals and parallel oscillating crystals in practical use. Now it is briefly described as follows:

1. Series oscillating crystal: One indicator of a crystal resonator is the series oscillation frequency (fs, which is the frequency with the minimum impedance), at which the crystal exhibits the properties of resistance.If the capacitor is placed in series with the crystal resonator, it can be drawn away from the series oscillation frequency.

2. Parallel oscillator crystal: if the attached capacitor (CL) is connected to the crystal resonator, the oscillation frequency will be slightly higher than the series oscillation frequency;This frequency is called the parallel oscillation frequency.When ordering a parallel crystal resonator, specify the nominal oscillation frequency and the size of the attached capacitance (in pF).For example, you can specify a standard attached capacitance of 20pF, from which you can calculate the size of the external capacitance.C In addition, it should be noted that series crystal resonators can also oscillate in parallel oscillating circuits, and vice versa.However, doing so would result in an error of less than 0.1% of the nominal frequency.

The above is the difference between series oscillation crystal and parallel oscillation crystal, I hope it can be helpful to those who need it!