Classification of crystal oscillators

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There are many ways of classification of crystal oscillator, from the Angle, material, characteristics, there are a lot of classification, now I briefly introduce:

1. According to the production materials, it can be divided into: quartz crystal oscillator and ceramic crystal oscillator.

2. According to the shape, it can be divided into: rectangular crystal oscillator, cylindrical crystal oscillator, elliptical crystal oscillator.

3. According to the packaging form, it can be divided into glass vacuum sealed crystal oscillator, metal shell encapsulated crystal oscillator, ceramic encapsulated crystal oscillator and plastic encapsulated crystal oscillator.

4. According to the resonant frequency accuracy, it can be divided into: high-precision crystal oscillator, medium-precision crystal oscillator and ordinary crystal oscillator.

5. According to the application characteristics, it can be divided into series resonant crystal oscillator and parallel resonant crystal oscillator.

6. According to the load capacitance characteristics, it can be divided into: low load capacitor crystal oscillator and high load capacitor crystal oscillator.

7. Classified according to the function and realization technology of crystal oscillator:

The simplest Crystal Oscillators, also called clock Oscillators.With the function of voltage frequency modulation, it is called voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO);Add the temperature compensation circuit, it is called the temperature complement crystal oscillator (TCXO);Add the temperature control circuit, called thermostatic crystal oscillator (OCXO).And, of course, (VCTCXO) and (VCOCXO).The temperature compensation type crystal oscillator is divided into analog compensation and digital compensation (also known as TCXO). The difference mainly lies in the different ways of compensating voltage.Now there is another way, is to use MCU to secondary compensation of TCXO, temperature frequency characteristics can do -8 magnitude.

8. The crystal oscillator of TV application can also be divided into remote control, line oscillation circuit, microprocessing circuit, subcarrier circuit and crystal oscillator used in multi-mode audio circuit according to its function.

9. The crystal oscillator used in electronic clocks and watches can be divided into low-frequency tuning fork type and high-frequency circular wafer type according to the shape of quartz wafer.The tuning fork crystal oscillator has a fine cylindrical shape and the wafer crystal oscillator has a flat rectangular shape.

This is the common classification of crystal oscillators.Welcome everyone, continue to pay attention to my company's article, thanks for browsing!